Source code:
(See also the source code section of Holding)

General: - various methods of approximating and calculating pi.
UpdatedSchulzeElection.tar.gz - Schulze Beat-Path election CGI scripts. Elects a condorcet winner, and if none exists, ranks basedon the shortest path among candidates on the condorcet matrix as a graph. [Update: Now works more true to the original Schulze paper]

Antenna optimizers: - bruteforce helix antenna diameter/length calculation - length calculation for tilted-terminated-folded-dipole (TTFD) antennas

Tools for cracking manual cryptography: - performs frequency analysis, calculating Phi and index of coincidence as well.

Chaos plots (README):
plotter.h, - plotting classes required for most of the chaos plot programs - Logistic/bifurcation map renderer. - Plots "classical" lyapunov space (logistic equation with parameters osciallating between two values as given by x and y axis) - Plots Lyapunov space for the Henon attractor - numerical method, is not technically accurate. - Plots Lyapunov space for the Henon Attractor - more technically accurate numerical method, but slower than Compare output to see what is meant by " is not technically accurate". - Preliminary mandelbrot/mu molecule plotter. Greyscale. - Mandelbrot / mu molecule plotter. True-color. - Calculates box-counting dimension for various combination of constants for arbitrary (programmed) strange attractors. Slow.