Holding [older]
Technical :: Formats
  Base10Time.txt Decimal time system and more accurate leap year calculations Oct 17 2002
  DVD-music.txt Calculations on the capacity of smaller size DVD-based music media Aug 05 2003

Technical :: Weaponry
  CoilgunProblem.txt On how much various kinetic projectiles will heat a perfect personal shield with the heat dissipation parameters of copper. Feb 17 2004

Technical :: Nuclear engineering
  FusorQ.txt Various note-type thinking on controlled fusion efficiency and multi-stage cycles Jun 21 2003
  OrionFusionPlant.txt Project Orion inspired "microbomb" fusion power plant. Not very feasible, but theoretically interesting Jun 24 2003
  Radioisotope_Light.txt Pondering on radioisotope batteries, especially for lighting purposes Aug 10 2003
  Isotopes.txt Candidate isotopes for the aforementioned light Aug 06 2003

Technical :: Computers
  DoublePalindrome.txt Quickly finding double palindromes in base {2, 8}. (Short) May 13 2003
  CounteringSpam_ideas.txt General ideas on countering spam and mail flooding Jun 01 2003
  AuthenticatedMailIdea.txt Slowing down spam by forcing correct e-mail FROM without requiring a centralized hierarchy Jun 21 2003
  SerialProtection.txt Keygen-proof registration system, dynamic patching Jun 23 2003
  MultiProngedAtt.txt Considering multiple strategies to eliminate spam. Keyword type text. Aug 24 2003
  EdgingTowardsNP.txt Sketch of a proof that the scale balancing problem is NP-complete, even when both sets are superincreasing. Nov 06 2003
  NoFakeBounces.txt Using authentication headers returned on bounce and on replies to verify that they are replies to a message you have sent; also pondering on verifying user action as opposed to macros. Feb 04 2004

Technical :: Election Methods
  1860Election.txt Two different profiles of preference voting data for the United States presidential election of 1860. Includes the Condorcet result for both (Lincoln wins in only one). Oct 22 2003
  Simple_voting.txt Easy verifiable "partly electronic" method of counting votes by employing output that can be quickly verified by machines as well as manually. Oct 26 2003

Governmental :: Generic
  2pDisclosure.txt Short note arguing towards as great as possible disclosure of public organizations. Aug 10 2003
  AugmentStormEagleed.txt Properties of investigating contracts shifts power to the writer. Also, short theoretical pondering on defining freedom. Sep 13 2003

Governmental :: Economics
  Scarcity.txt Pondering on how to gradually change an economy of scarcity (as hand labor capitalism) to an economy of abundance (as information- and replicator based economies). Jan 30 2004
  SemiCommandEc.txt A mixed feedback-driven/commanded planned economy system. Feb 08 2004
  RA4.txt Basic explanation of the LTV, thinking on power inequality between economic organizations and individuals, and on extents and limits to which the organizations can encourage work and consumption. Mar 18 2004
  RewardFunction.txt Properties of command economy reward functions (bonuses provided according to production) resilient against the immediate ratchet effect as a form of generalized function counterplanning. Mar 21 2004

Source code
  knapsack.tar.gz Program using a dynamic programming solution to the knapsack problem to find out how to distribute files among 700MB CDs with least waste of free space. Feb 04 2003
  simplepalin.tar.gz Simple program for finding integers that are palindromic in base 2 and 2^k for some k. May 13 2003
  newton_xpowxeqy.cc Simple numerical solver for x^x = y with y given. Uses Newton's method. Jun 10 2003
  palindrome.tar.gz Backtracking solver for finding integers that are palindromic in both base 2 and 10. Uses a day at a 1.4GHz AMD at 100 bits, roughly O(1.2^n). Requires cln (http://www.ginac.de/CLN/). Jun 12 2003
  decay.cc.gz C++ code for calculating the energy density of radioisotopes. Use with decay data of the kind found at http://www2.bnl.gov/ton/ Aug 01 2003
  attacker_2_5.tar.gz Program to solve monoalphabetic substitution ciphers with intact word boundaries("aristocrats") by a depth-first search of word patterns. Includes wordlist. Aug 21 2003
  cat_coder.tar.gz Packing and unpacking programs for early Microprose .CAT archives as found in the first two X-COM games (UFO and TFTD), with format description. Sep 15 2003
  star_coding.tar.gz "Star Encoding" based preprocessing transform for English language text compression. Gives about 5% improvement (sometimes as much as 12%, sometimes as little as 2%) when used in conjunction with bzip2 wrt plain bzip2, but requires an external dictionary. Sep 16 2003
  walesa.cc Generic solver for a particular color matching/tile puzzle. Oct 06 2003
  gini_opt.tar.gz Bruteforcing/backtracking program to find the progressive taxation configuration that minimizes the Gini coefficient, given wealth distribution data of a country or other area. Mar 22 2004

  AesCrypt.zip Windows program for encrypting and decrypting arbitrary files with the AES standard algorithm, employing a hashed password as key. Nov 24 2001