The duck, it quacks.

bnetd This is a mirror of bnetd, the battle net daemon, version 0.4.
ebooks A fairly obvious category, given its name, it contains just what is expected.
Vasai Here you may find a description of the species called Vasai.
Dw pictures Pictures pertaining to Dw are listed in this section, grouped by artist.
Chaos plots Another picture section, this time of fractals, strange attractors, lyapunov spaces, and other offshoots of chaos.
exad And as the last of three picture sections, this one contains everything that doesn't fit elsewhere. Mostly Ryoken pictures and music, but also other things.
msnref For a bit of a hall-of-mirrors effect, choose this self-referential link to a rendering of this very page.
old source Albeit older than that linked from Holding, this section contains miscellaneous source code.
Holding There are both instances of source code as well as documents containing ideas of almost random nature here.

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